Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Looking Back: Santorini

As I said below, I will be posting some things in retrospect over the next few weeks.

I am so glad we went to Santorini this time. It had been four years for me and I had begun to miss it. Greece is a place where, if you are alert and do a little reading beforehand, you can be rewarded with the sense of living both in the present and in history at once. Nowhere is this more dramatically played out than in Santorini, where signs of the Minoan, Classical, Byzantine, Frankish, Venetian, Ottoman and modern areas abound.

The most famous of these, besides the crater that silently witnesses the blast that destroyed it, is the Minoan (or Minoan-related) city of Akrotiri, which is being slowly being excavated in the south of the island. See http://www.santorini.gr-santorini.com/museums/prehistoric_museum.htm for more.

We stayed nearby in a beautiful, spotless hotel, called "Kalimera."

More on Santorini next time.

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