Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Morning Walk in Akrotiri

When I am in Greece I have no trouble getting up in the morning. Unless they have to be out and about for work, the Greeks are prone to stay close to the hearth in the morning hours, so it is usually quiet--wonderful for walking and observation.
A few weeks ago, while staying near Akrotiri, Santorini, I got up at dawn and walked through the old hill town. On the way, I met a big yellow dog who decided he wanted to be friends. We walked together up the hill toward the lighthouse, looking over the cliffs to the caldera and to the town of Oia and Thirassia Island in the distance.
I should say I was looking. My new dog friend, really a very large puppy, was chasing birds and the occasional cat who crossed our path. On the south side of the road there was a magnificent set of new houses going up. They looked like second homes for wealthy people.
The present-day town of Akrotiri is set on a promontory at the southern tip of the island. It is dense and typically Cycladic in its organization. We walked to the top and then wound our way down to the main road through the maze of lanes. In the cool morning air people were just beginning to stir: hanging out laundry or starting out on an errand. In the labyrinth of Akrotiri our hushed greetings felt almost conspiratorial.

[This and the previous photo are from Wikipedia Commons.]

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Mariam said...

Seems amazing. I feel like I was right there with you..and the doggy of course!