Friday, November 9, 2007

Time Change/Family Guy

As of last week, we are back under the wing of darkness for much of our waking existence. Oh my, that does sound dramatic. It's just that daylight savings time has ended and it's often dark when I leave work. Hate it. Then again, maybe it's just cranky pants due to the biological shift. I've heard it takes a week or so, so be careful out there, especially driving.

My newest bad habit is Family Guy, which is now in syndication. I have been working on my Stewie impression for months. Take care, and I promise to write something more edifying soon!

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Mariam said...

I agree, this time change is hard to adjust to. Maybe we are meant to hibernate this time of year? The only advantage is that you can start your mornings earlier. At least it is not pouring rain. Can you imagine leaving here when it is dark, and the rain pouring outside...not so good. Piss off!