Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mrs. Dalloway's

[Photo is from the store's website]

This bookstore's name is inspired by the first line in Virginia Woolf's 1925 novel, Mrs. Dalloway.
I walked over there all the way from the Rockridge BART station last night. The rain had ended and I took the chance to get some exercise and pick up a few gifts.
I'm never disappointed there. The store has an interesting combination of gardening titles and general interest/literature.
They also have fine art prints, as well as wonderful potted succulents that make perfect splurge gifts. And, the space is beautiful. One of those stores that make the small neighborhood shopping areas in the East Bay so much fun.
I bought a handmade wooden ornament. A little squirrel. It will be a reminder of Christmas 2007.

Mr's Dalloway's
Literary and Garden Arts
2904 College Ave (Elmwood)
Berkeley, CA

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Mariam said...

As I said earlier, I wish we had a bookstore nearby so we can read on our breaks.