Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We went to Pizzaiola Restaurant in Oakland's Temescal district this past Monday for Dave's **th Birthday.
As I waited in front a car pulled up to the light and a woman called out: "Teach me a move!" So I jumped out onto the sidewalk and did a kind of hip hop meets Norma Desmond thing. She loved it.
The restaurant is very popular; if you go call ahead for reservations. We had a sausage and rapini pizza and a Caesar salad made with chicory. The pizza is Neapolitan style and quite good-- fresh ingredients done simply and deliciously. You can tell the restaurant is in the Chez Panisse lineage at first bite.
The ambiance is on the rock and roll side, which I liked. A pizza place, no matter how upscale, should not be a Food Church. For more, go to:


Mariam said...

Sounds great. Although I do have to admit, that place we went to, Arizmetti (not sure what it is called), was delicious! Does Pizzaiola compare?

Sifi said...

Thanks for your comment!

Arizmendi is a different kind of pizza and environment. If pressed I'd say I like it better because it is such high quality for the price. I will review Arizmendi on my new food blog, called "Oriste!"
The new blog will start after Jan 1.

Mariam said...

Can't wait for your food blog!