Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kyoto Express

Hi there, it's me; back from hibernation.

I was doing a list of restaurants in Oakland for a managers' meeting and checking out (on Yelp)some of the ones I haven't been to. And there was Kyoto Express. I can say without hyperbole that I have walked past it a thousand times. I had judged that it was too small to be any good. (No logic there.)
Well, it is small and it is very good! I have been on a teriyaki kick for a while and it fit the bill nicely. KE is really just a hallway of a restaurant. You go in and order and sit at the counters. It is run by one lady with love. The teriyaki was good; it comes with rice or noodles and a salad and miso. It opens only for lunch (11:30 to 3:00). You can call your order in if you like.

Kyoto Express
1721 Webster St., Oakland
510-444- 1717

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Mariam said...

We should go there for lunch sometime. Do they have vegetarian?