Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lentils, Hazards of

The other night I was at home enjoying one of my standard dishes. I like to call them menu items, because they appear so regularly on my table. This one is called "lentil pilafi" and is based on a recipe by Rosemary Barron.

Oh, yes, the title of this post. There I was, chewing away with contentment, and I felt--and heard--a frightening crunch, and was sure I had a broken tooth. Gratefully, that was not the case, but I did spit out some thing that looks like a tiny wedge of blue cheese, but made of marble.

And there you have what might be the only hazard associated with lentils. They sometime have rocks in them. Why? I dunno. Seems like any dried beans have that possible problem. So you must clean them very carefully. This means devising a system where you actually handle each lentil. I used to put them in a pie plate in one layer and inspect before washing. This is not good enough. You must take then into your fingers or with a small spoon and look at them before you put them in the strainer/colander/sieve for washing.

OK. I have lectured you enough. But teeth are too precious to be broken by a humble lentil.

I will post the recipe tomorrow. I promise.

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Mariam said...

It was a pretty large pebble. Good thing you thought to take it out of your mouth and bring to work to share with all...haha