Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Thinner Me

Have you simpsonized yourself yet? By now it's old hat. When I did this last year I made myself thinner. Now I am this size, which says a lot for visualization...LOL!
I joined Weightwatchers at an at-work meeting early in November and have lost about 20 lbs. I am pretty close to where I want to be. There are so many benefits. My cholesterol has dropped, for one. And I look a lot like the person that I picture myself to be in my mind. (They say that men tend to "upgrade" themselves, whereas women tend to have a more negative view of how they appear.)
I'll write a future post about maintaining the weight loss, which has always been tough for me. For now, I am very happy about how it's going. Go to:

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Mariam said...

Soo true. You look amazing and are inspiring to all of us that have struggled with weight one time or another in our lives. Congratulations!