Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bu-bye Gall Bladder

This is probably too much information.

My gall bladder had been driving me to distraction all summer. It is now gone. If you have never gone through surgery, the first time is quite the rite of passage. I told the anesthesiologist that if he killed me I'd come back to haunt him.

Surgery is scary, that's all there is to it--even so called routine procedures.

I'm very grateful to Kathleen, my pre-op nurse, for helping me to ask all the right questions and getting me ready. I also had a rock-star surgeon, Dr. Fowler, and the love and support of friends and family. Thanks, all.

Monday, August 11, 2008

For the Love of Manoli

Manoli (with his late and much-missed brother Kamaki) came to live at my house about 7 years ago this week. So, even though he was born in April, it's kind of birthday time for him.
Since K left us a year and a half ago, my relationship with M has changed. He's always been a bit on the clingy side, and I am still convinced he thinks I am his mother. But as time goes on he just seems to need more and more LOVE.
I don't mind at all. I think he sometimes gets lonely and bored. Especially when beloved neighbor Roshni is away.
Also, there is an upstart gray kitten that seems to want to horn in on M's supper dish. M came in the other day limping a bit and I suffered, thinking there had been a fight and remembering screeching that woke me at 1230 am the night before. But he's fine now and the rival seems to have wandered off into other territory.
K and M have made me into a "cat person"--something I would never have predicted. They were rescued. This is something I think can be quite rewarding. If you want a fuzzy friend, or just to lend a much needed paw, check out Island Cat Resources and Adoptions.
Meow, babies.

Friday, August 1, 2008

North Beach on a Summer Day

I think this may be turning into a photo blog.
Do you ever pretend you are a tourist in your own city? In the Bay Area, there seems to be an inexhaustible list of things I want to do. This is remarkable for a (relatively) small city.
This photo is a bit older, but was taken after I got back from Ohio. I've found myself in North Beach several times since then. It is fun to walk around and pick up on the vacation mood. I like to take the boat to the City and walk up from the Ferry Building. Usually there is a stop at Stella Pastry and Cafe for a cappuchino and biscotti.