Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Rocks of Southern Crete

I have found a new blog that I adore. Actually, this brilliant Kiwi-Greek has two of them. One is about food, and I well tell you about that later. The other is called one day in hania and I am addicted to it already. The most recent post is about Vathi, a village not too far from where my family lives. In the spirit of conversation, here are some photos from last fall. This is looking out from Paleochora toward Gavdos.

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rarely do i know a place in another person's blog as well as i do this one that you've featured today.

so glad you like what i show int he blogs; you are the kind of person i have always wanted to reach out to (and i've met a few of them from my blog writing - greetings to all of you)