Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coffee at Strada

I have been going to Caffe Strada in Berkeley for many years. It is right by the UC campus and has a nice area outside to sit and have coffee. Dave, George G. and I went the other night and enjoyed the Halloween mood we found there. George had a hilarious video of George T and himself singing a Sinatra song as well as hanging out in Voulgiagmeni, Greece.

The noble Athenian face of George G.
The counter guys at Strada like to kid around.
It's all about the brand.
Dave on the "catwalk."



hey, i can see people wearing shorts - how cool does it get where you are?

Sifi said...

I think it was a warm night. That said, the coolest it typically gets here in the inner bay is the 40's F in December and January. The car windshield might frost a few times and it snows every 20 years or so. It really is a classic mediterranean climate although summers are cooler because of the fog effect from the Pacific Ocean. The best rest from the swelter of Greece in August is to come to San Francisco or Berkeley!


i love the sound of the weather there - a very mediteranean climate; no wonder lots of greeks finally settled there.

if you go to logia tis ploris restaurant, you can ask where they get their boat crockery. tell them that the greek food bloggers sent you...