Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fire on Angel Island

Angel Island as seen from North Beach, San Francisco, 10/12/08.

[Image by Danleo, Wikimedia Commons]

This past Sunday, we were invited by a friend to join the closing night celebration for the Mill Valley Film Festival, a cruise on the Bay, originating in Sausalito. We boarded the boat at 8:00 pm and were immediately plied with food and drinks. It was wonderful, slightly decadent and felt not a little like 1929, due to the current world financial crisis.
At 9:00 pm we pulled out from the dock, under the glorious October moon, and almost immediately noted the fire on Angel Island. How eerie it felt, at one point, to be standing on the top deck as the boat sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge, with the moon above us and the fire blazing off to the starboard side. For more on the fire, see: http://www.sfgate.com/.



we get a lot of fires in crete too - a little freaky to be that close to it

Mariam said...

You will have to add some of the "after" pics that I sent you from Theresa.