Friday, November 21, 2008

Picture of George T.

Here is a picture of George that Ann put on her evite for the memorial.

The memorial was a week or so ago. It was wonderful and beautiful and sad. We had it in a church hall in N. Berkeley. There were many people there, wonderful food, music, testimonials. I think George would have enjoyed it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Berkeley Farmers' Market

I have become a person of habits and rituals. Is that what happens when you get old? (Yes, it is a recurring theme with me.) One of my favorite things is to get up on Saturday and go to the Berkeley Farmers' Market. The Saturday market is held right in the center of town and starts at 10:00 am, a leisurely hour in my opinion. I'm sure the time was arrived at by trial and error and is really an indication of the late hours kept by the typical customer.
The market is wonderful for people watching and also has great farm stands. Although the produce is sometimes expensive, most if not all is organic. And, there are bargains to be had. For example, one stand has lovely butter lettuce for 3 for $3. And there are always specialty items such as heirloom beans and freaky heirloom squashes. One thing I must recommend: Swanton Farms Ollaliberry Jam. A can't-fail gift@ 3/$15.
Here are some pics from a few weeks back.

The maddening, endearing crowd of shoppers.
Autumn tableau.
Lovely to rest the eyes upon.
What size pom suits you?
This guys has it all figured out, no?

The Berkeley Farmers' Markets are a program of the Ecology Center.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama wins!

I have been much calmer since Tuesday night.
Jared had a group of people over to watch the elections and he served Greek food. He had made a wonderful pastitsio as well as spanikopita. I brought a small bowl of dry-cured olives from Antonis's trees in Selino. (They sometimes have to last a few years so I ration them.)
After watching Obama's speech I walked up to catch the train at Castro Street. Some DJ's had brought a flat bed in and set up a huge screen and music system. There must have been a few thousand people dancing in the street! Being old and responsible, I knew I had to get home to bed, but I took a few minutes to dance with the crowd and smile at strangers.
Since then I have realized that my everyday personality has now returned. For weeks I had a kind of fever-worry that the election would go wrong, somehow. That we as a country could not possibly elect a black man to president, no matter how obviously better suited he is for the position. But that is over. In one spectacular day, we have made a change, I think, in the eyes of the world. As a nation, we have grown up a little. We are moving forward again.
I don't envy Obama the challenges of the job. But I am excited to see what will happen over the next few years with him as president.