Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama wins!

I have been much calmer since Tuesday night.
Jared had a group of people over to watch the elections and he served Greek food. He had made a wonderful pastitsio as well as spanikopita. I brought a small bowl of dry-cured olives from Antonis's trees in Selino. (They sometimes have to last a few years so I ration them.)
After watching Obama's speech I walked up to catch the train at Castro Street. Some DJ's had brought a flat bed in and set up a huge screen and music system. There must have been a few thousand people dancing in the street! Being old and responsible, I knew I had to get home to bed, but I took a few minutes to dance with the crowd and smile at strangers.
Since then I have realized that my everyday personality has now returned. For weeks I had a kind of fever-worry that the election would go wrong, somehow. That we as a country could not possibly elect a black man to president, no matter how obviously better suited he is for the position. But that is over. In one spectacular day, we have made a change, I think, in the eyes of the world. As a nation, we have grown up a little. We are moving forward again.
I don't envy Obama the challenges of the job. But I am excited to see what will happen over the next few years with him as president.



hey, i was thrilled he was elected! did you see my welcoming post for him?

Mariam said...

I agree. We have made progress as a country and I am proud to be an American more than ever.

Sifi said...

I did see your post and I loved it as usual! Thanks