Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Study in Gray and White

We met this shy kitten on the streets of Paleochora last year. There is something about how her own coloring is echoed by the grays, whites, and soft tans of her surroundings. Bet she is a wily survivor, a needed skill.
I have wanted to write something about the current unrest in Greece, but respect for those whom I love and are living there has stopped me. Theirs are the voices I long to hear. So I will continue to refrain, except for this: I have revered Greece from the moment I first went there as an adult, returning to a place my heart knew--but where I had never been. I've always tried to look at it in a clear-eyed way, which is hard to do when you love something so intensely. Thankfully, on every visit there is an eye-opening moment of (mostly minor) mishap that brings me down to earth, away from the mysteries that the golden light spins into my head. So it is now. I look on it with consternation, sadness, frustration, hope--a hundred feelings. And I wonder what the future holds for my beloved Ellada.
Merry Christmas and Kala Kristougenna!

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Mediterranean kiwi said...

well put sifi
merry christmas and happy new year!