Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Mysterious House

Sorry for the lapse. You know how life can sometimes take you and swing you by the tail? I'm OK, although January wasn't the best month I've had in a while.

The guv has ordered a furlough, and the courts have upheld it. I am going to tighten my belt and continue working on my new blog.

For a few years I have wanted to do a Greek food blog. Meanwhile, I have been scooped by several wonderful bloggers. I am so glad to have discovered their blogs and my jealousy has abated. I am going to do a special post on my favorite three very early in my blog, which is going to be called..."Kouzina: my East Bay Kitchen.".And that is just what it is going to be. Whatever is going on in my kitchen and the immediate world beyond. I'm very sure that there are folks who would like to hear about what is happening just this side of San Francisco in the food realm. With a Greek twist, of course. Look for a special post on Morphi's Simple Syrup and other yummies from my family and friends. I'll let you know when I launch it.


This mysterious house never fails to draw my attention as I walk down MLK in Berkeley on Saturday mornings, before or after the farmers' market. In December, the lady living there has dozens of Christmas cacti on the porch. By now, they're almost gone.

The once beautiful house has been left to the elements. It looks like there has been no real maintenance for over 40 years. Still, people are living there and seemingly making do in their own, I presume, Grey Gardens kind of way.


Mediterranean kiwi said...

great post today sifi - i love looking at old houses too, and imagine what it might have been like to live there once

looking forward to meeting your kitchen!

Mariam said...

I can't wait for the food blog. Sounds tasty :)