Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monterey and Monarchs

We went to Monterey to celebrate my birthday a little early this year.
Of course being addicted to coffee shops, I found this very posh one attached to a hotel in the Cannery area. Good cappuchinos and decent chairs to sit on. I will be back!
The beach photo is at Carmel. Did you notice the monarch butterfly in the upper left of the photo? This is the migration season and the area is famous as a stop-over. There were thousands of butterflies in some areas, none in others. Actually, it is not really a stop-over. I have read that more than one generation is born and dies in each direction of the semi-annual migration. There is some kind of lesson in there, don't you think?
Thanks for sticking with my blog. I've been occupied with other things this whole winter but now hope to be a regular contributor to the blogosphere again.
Happy happy spring. Don't forget to stop and enjoy the miracles of the season.


Mariam said...

Great picture of you and Dave! I especially like the ocean in the back!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

happy birthday to you!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

hi sifi, thanks for the nice comments on the blog
i was wondering if you could lead me to any online greek magazines in the USA, since mainly greek americans (and admittedly cretans) read my blog - it hasnt got as much readership in greece (because of the language and the kind of humour i use to convey my message)
if you follow any, send them to me vai email (it's on my facebook badge on my webpage)