Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My mother was (and still is) a cutie

My nephew sent this image along. He is working on an archive of family photographs.
My mother and father and their friends were typical of their 1940's peers. They loved madcap photos! Both of my parents were blessed with good looks and they loved hamming it up for the camera, although I think they really were modest people. By the time we kids got around to looking at all these black and whites they seemed to be tokens of another existence. Mom was always patient with us and she encouraged our curiosity about how she had grown up "in town" in Wheeling, WV. (I grew up in the country and will always be grateful for that. It was beautiful.)
In this photo I think I recognize the wall behind her. I think it is the Wheeling Park pool.
I had a wonderful birthday. We went to Kokkari Estiatorio in the City. The grilled octopus was perfect. Mom had sent me a check in her perfect handwriting as my big 50 gift. Thank you, Mom. You are always an inspiration.


Mediterranean kiwi said...

wow, a modern mummy in my terms
my parents' photos were all from village life in greece - very serious and austere

Mariam said...

I love that picture. It's a classic. I can't believe you ate octopus! ;-)

Mediterranean kiwi said...

maybe see you in hania then?!
we go to p-town in early september too