Friday, July 3, 2009


Just got back from the East Coast. Delays in both directions but safe home now with just a bit of jet lag remaining. Will post photos later.
Boston is smaller than the Bay Area, less transient, just as expensive, less hip.I like the South End, which has a huge swathe (the largest in US) of Victorian houses.It is like "the city" as I imagined it as a boy and which I first experienced in NYC. Walking down canyon-like streets bordered with roiling brick sidewalks, thinking of Henry James, Edith Wharton, E.A. Poe. I also loved the wharfs off the North End and thought of Elizabeth Bishop, who lived her last days, I think, on Lewis Wharf.
First time in Maine in 25 years. It has been raining and all of New England is an unadulterated green green green. Ogunquit quiet and charming, the beach, dunes and river, Marginal Way all ready for the summer season which starts late and ends early.
There is a Greek confectioner/chocolateer family there. Did you know there is a tradition of that in the Eastern US? My father's uncles were chocolateers in the late 1930's in Pennsylvania and their business is still there, although with new owners.

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