Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello World (Again)

Summer always goes by in a flash of brilliant light and sound; even the lazy beautiful vacation days have a hint of elegy, because it all must end.

Here in Northern California there is a variation on the theme. We have fog all summer till about now, and as hints of autumn show up, it ironically becomes hotter than the previous months. Outdoor activities are more attractive than ever. Meanwhile there is needed preparation for the fall. For me, that involves work in the garden, and usually some painting. This year I will repair the window trim that only lasted a few years. And--surprise!--we need a new water lateral from the street. Getting bids for that now.

Even with all that, I love August. Back East it was always a time to suffer through, too too hot. Here it is sublime.

Hugs to all.


Mariam said...

I agree. I hope you enjoy your trip to Boston. The Bay Area will miss you!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

summer is almost over here - we havent been to paleohora yet becos of the rain, but i think next week the weather should be better