Monday, June 28, 2010

You are Here!: summer

Thought I'd blog a few notes from my walking and looking journal:

Valiant bumble bee determined to get nectar from mustard plant, swaying in the wind.
The mustard a beautiful acid yellow.

Fog until noon.
I'm at my spot [by SF Bay]--12:27 pm.

Fog turned now to delicate clouds, filling about half the sky.

Bay a very dark teal.

City gray/silver, emerging from the fog.

Light shifting. constantly changing.

(Did I mention the gulls look like planes coming down?)

Lots of changes. Every minute is different today.

Walking. Helicopter circling.

(The gulls fly to the lamp posts, then poise above and parachute down with their wings.)

Friday, June 11, 2010

workin on my projects

The "walking and looking" project I have been working on has stalled a little. By the way, the working title, as I may have mentioned, is You are Here!

I had been observing a bi-colored blackbird and having a great time. (Have you ever really watched a bird? A lot of what they do seems like a random expenditure of energy.)

The reason it has stalled is that someone mowed the field, cutting down the globe thistle, so my blackbird friend has removed to fairer shores. (I think.)

So this is just to remind myself that the stalling, or quiescent phases are part of "the project" too.