Saturday, July 31, 2010

summer fog

I may be living in one of the few places that is cool just now. At least here in the N Hemisphere.

In fact, we are having more cool weather than usual, and a jacket worn daily is the norm this year. Right now, at 10 on Saturday, it's quite gray and cool. Here at the Blue Dot, a capacity crowd is having coffee, breakfast, and talk. Only a few of us are absorbed in computer screens, newspapers, books.

I'm still playing Constable, and doing cloud studies, which I paint in words. Technically they are fog studies. The other evening I was able to get over to the bay at 8 pm, to witness a forbidding wall of fog travel over the water toward the east. It was rolling fast, and there were at least 10 shades of silver and gray, changing by the second. There was a break in the clouds and the sun, still a bright yellow, came though and lit the water blindingly. And as the fog bank moved further, covering the sun again, I noticed large sections that looked like they were underlain with a sepia wash. Then the fog deepened and I was left in a deep directionless gray light, looking out over the ice plants and squirrel dens in the foreground, wondering what symbolist painter had done scenes like these?

I'm sure I'll remember soon.

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