Friday, August 20, 2010

a change in the light

Here we are in late August already, the storehouse of summer days almost spent. From where I sit, by the Bay, I can see that the sun has moved south somewhat from its northerly apex at the beginning of summer. In the evening the light has changed, the rays are yellow, golden, portending the fall months.

The days are still fog fog fog, until noon. Sometimes the sun never comes out. The hot bright days are still to come, when the interior has cooled enough so that the sea air and fog are not pulled daily through the Golden Gate. Weather here has been unusually consistent. I won't say that the fog is getting to me, exactly. I've always, philosophically, considered it to be an extended version of dawn. But I do welcome the hint of change I am seeing in the evening light these days.

And of course all his talk of weather and light and change is metaphorical as well as meteorological. Don't we all, at moments, if we admit it to ourselves, long for change? It's one of the things that makes us human.

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